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Experience, innovation, determination and solution-oriented focus: these have been the pillars of success for Bio Pharma FZC since our founding over twenty years ago. Our processes are deliberate, informed and grounded in reality. We recognize that each client engagement is unique and pride ourselves on developing strategies that are comprehensive, efficient and alert to nuance. At Bio Pharma FZC, we work to build a consulting relationship where we can communicate and execute as “partners to your success” in a candid and respectful way, allowing us to surface issues and opportunities more readily and achieve the solutions our clients have come to expect.

BIOPHARMA FZC, with an office at PO Box 53368 Hamriyah FZ, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, Registered in UAE under Reg N° SHA-13212, is a pharmaceutical Research & Development Company, conducting contract research on Pharmacological (Dermatology, Cardiovascular, ENT), Toxicological (in vitro & in vivo), and Clinical aspects of the drug development.

The company also supplies expertise in registration and in “out licensing” of your registered products.


In vitro pharmacological & Toxicological experiments on new chemical entities (CNS, Cardiovascular, dermatology)

  • In vitro cytotoxicity (according to the target organ)
  • In vitro receptor profile
  • Dose range finding studies on different types of cell lines (MDBK, MDCK, Vero, Mc-Coy, primary organ cultures, ex-vivo organ cultures & more).
  • Genotoxicity with Ame’s test.

    In vivo pharmaco-toxicology

  • In vivo acute toxicity studies in rats & rabbits (MTD, single dose)
  • 4-13 week subacute toxicity studies
  • 26 week chronic toxicity in rats & Guinea pigs
  • Carcinogenicity studies

Clinical evaluation expertise

  • 12 CRO’s visit all the key hospitals in Dubai, Sharjah, India, and Saudia Arabia for multicentric clinical trials
  • Blood sample analysis, clinical examination, cardiovascular profile, dermatological evaluation, and ENT oral cancer pathology
  • In depth evaluation of raw data
  • Data analysis, reporting and archiving
  • Regulatory replies

    Registration in UAE

  • We provide services to register your products in different UAE countries including SE Asian countries, India & China.
  • Searching appropriate distributors in each country
  • Negotiating registration process, cost, prices and volumes
  • Assisting local registration
  • Facilitating custom clearance processes
  • Post marketing surveillance
  • Assisting in long lasting collaborations

Contact us 


Dr. Ahmad Ali FAKIDDAR President

Hamriyah FZC

Office N° 76-C, 1st Floor

Sharjah, UAE

Company Reg. N° 13212

Tel: 9716-5263222 – Fax 9716-5263322

Email: contact@ biopharma-fzc.com