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BIOPHARMA FZC, with an office at PO Box 53368 Hamriyah FZ, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, Registered in UAE under Reg N° SHA-13212, is a pharmaceutical Research & Development Company, conducting contract research on Pharmacological (Dermatology, Cardiovascular, ENT), Toxicological (in vitro & in vivo), and Clinical aspects of the drug development.

The company also supplies expertise in registration and in “out licensing” of your registered products.


In vitro pharmacological & Toxicological experiments on new chemical entities (CNS, Cardiovascular, dermatology)

  • In vitro cytotoxicity (according to the target organ)
  • In vitro receptor profile
  • Dose range finding studies on different types of cell lines (MDBK, MDCK, Vero, Mc-Coy, primary organ cultures, ex-vivo organ cultures & more).
  • Genotoxicity with Ame’s test.

    In vivo pharmaco-toxicology

  • In vivo acute toxicity studies in rats & rabbits (MTD, single dose)
  • 4-13 week subacute toxicity studies
  • 26 week chronic toxicity in rats & Guinea pigs
  • Carcinogenicity studies

Clinical evaluation expertise

  • 12 CRO’s visit all the key hospitals in Dubai, Sharjah, India, and Saudia Arabia for multicentric clinical trials
  • Blood sample analysis, clinical examination, cardiovascular profile, dermatological evaluation, and ENT oral cancer pathology
  • In depth evaluation of raw data
  • Data analysis, reporting and archiving
  • Regulatory replies

    Registration in UAE

  • We provide services to register your products in different UAE countries including SE Asian countries, India & China.
  • Searching appropriate distributors in each country
  • Negotiating registration process, cost, prices and volumes
  • Assisting local registration
  • Facilitating custom clearance processes
  • Post marketing surveillance
  • Assisting in long lasting collaborations

Contact us 

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Dr. Ahmad Ali FAKIDDAR

Hamriyah FZC

Office N° 76-C, 1st Floor

Sharjah, UAE

Tel: 9716-5263222 – Fax 9716-5263322

Email: contact@ biopharma-fzc.com